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  • Mar 2015

    On 19 March, suicide bombings target two mosques in Sana’a, killing nearly 150 and injuring 350. Houthi/Saleh forces advance south towards Taizz, Lahj and Aden. On 26 March, a Saudi-led military coalition begins air strikes.
  • May 2015

    Five-day humanitarian pause begins. Frequent violations are reported.
  • Jul 2015

    UN designates Yemen a “level-three” emergency – the highest level.
  • Jul 2015 to Aug 2015

    Front lines in the conflict shift significantly. Coalition-supported forces take control of Aden in late July and expand to much of southern Yemen by mid-August. Major clashes, backed by air strikes, erupt in Taizz, and the city comes under siege.
  • Aug 2015

    Air strikes hit Hudaydah Port, destroying critical infrastructure at Yemen’s largest Port. Before the crisis, Hudaydah Port handled the majority of Yemen’s imports – essential to the flow of food, medicine and fuel into the country.
  • Sep 2015 to Oct 2015

    Apparent air strikes hit two wedding parties, killing more than 150 people. The first attack occurred on 28 September in Taizz and killed more than 130 people. The second hit Dhamar, killing at least 23.
  • Oct 2015

    Islamic State claims responsibility for attacks targeting Coalition and Government of Yemen officials at the Qasr Hotel in Aden and worshippers at a mosque in Sana’a. At least 22 people were killed in the attacks.
  • Nov 2015

    Two consecutive cyclones batter the southern coast and Socotra island, killing at least ten and causing widespread flooding. Cyclones making landfall in Yemen is fairly rare – two in rapid succession is nearly unprecedented.
  • Dec 2015

    Ceasefire comes into force as parties begin UN-sponsored peace talks in Switzerland. Frequent ceasefire violations are reported.
  • Jan 2016

    Formal ceasefire ends as peace talks conclude without result. Clashes and air strikes escalate across the country.
  • Apr 2016

    A renewed cessation of hostilities comes into force. After several delays, UN-sponsored peace talks begin in Kuwait on 21 April.
  • May 2016

    Heavy rains in May and August cause flooding in seven governorates. Partners estimate that 70 people are killed in the floods, with more than 35,000 needing assistance.
  • Aug 2016

    Peace talks in Kuwait adjourn without agreement on 6 August. Air strikes hit a crowded market in Sana’a, a school in Sa’ada and an MSF-supported hospital in Hajjah. Islamic State militants kill at least 60 people in a suicide attack in Aden.
  • Aug 2016

    Sana’a airport closed to civilian traffic.
  • Sep 2016

    An air strike hits a drilling rig constructing a water well in Sana’a. Follow-up strikes hit first responders arriving on the scene.
  • Oct 2016

    A rocket attack hits a civilian area of Taizz, killing 10 people – mostly children. Indiscriminate shelling into populated civilian areas of Taizz by Houthi-affiliated forces has occurred consistently since August 2015.
  • Oct 2016

    The Ministry of Health in Sana’a announces a cholera outbreak. As of 25 October, 51 cases had been confirmed in nine governorates, and 1,148 suspected cases were being investigated.
  • Oct 2016

    Multiple air strikes on a community hall in Sana’a kill at least 140 people and injure more than 600 in one of the worst single-incident casualty events of the conflict.
  • Oct 2016

    The UN Special Envoy of the Secretary-General delivers a proposed road map to parties to the conflict.
Photo credit: OCHA, UNICEF/Julien Harneis 2023


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